Setup your own server

Check out the following video to see all the steps on how to install and start using Ardomotic from scratch. Even if you have experience with Arduino projects, please check the tutorial do make sure everything is ok, specially when connecting to the server. Connecting it's a very simple process, yet it's NOT obvious without the tutorial. Alternatively, just follow the instructions below the video.

Ardomotic 2.0 setup video (3m57s)

  1. Make sure you have the right Hardware

    Only 3 things are necessary to start using Ardomotic:

    1. Arduino Mega or compatible. (with at least 8Kb RAM and 128Kb program memory)
    2. Ethernet Shield or compatible. (with the Wiznet W5100 chip)
    3. SD card compatible with your Arduino.

    The SD card needs to be compatible with your Arduino and formatted in Fat16/Fat32.
    Hint: Create a partition on the card only with few Mb to make it faster.

  2. Download all the necessary files

    You will need to download the sketch and some additional libraries from the Downloads page. Extract the libraries to the Arduino library folder, or add them individually using the IDE.

  3. Customize and upload the sketch to your Arduino

    You may want to change the IP, Port and MAC address of your server to match your network. Open the file "Settings.h" and change them to the desired default values, they are right in the beginning of the file. And now you are ready to upload the sketch (make sure you are using Arduino 1.0.5).
    These values will be saved to the configuration file on the SD card and read from there in the future. So to change the IP it's necessary to either delete the file, or go to the file "_system.cfg" and change the settings there.

  4. Connect to your server

    Everything should be ready to go, all it takes now is opening the correct page. DO NOT CONNECT the browser directly to the Arduino, that will not work. Fill the form below with your configuration values and press the button to create the link used to connect to your server. Then you can bookmark the link and use it to access the server in the future. Getting the files from the Ardomotic site instead of the Arduino is MUCH faster, that's why the system was implemented this way.

    Address: Port: Enable setup: My URL:

    The "Address" is the address of the server, which can be either an IP or DNS for your server.
    When connecting from the same network where the Arduino is located, you can just use the Arduino IP address.
    If you want to connect from anywhere on the internet, you need to use your router's internet address here. Then you need to setup the Port Forwarding configurations in order to access the server from the internet, making all the traffic in the chosen Port go to the Arduino address.

    The "Enable Setup" option is used to decide if the page should load all the elements necessary to perform the setup. It's not intended to be used as some type of protection, disabling it just makes the page simpler and load less data. This can be really useful when using old computers, slow internet connections or connections where you have limited traffic.

Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me at: ardomotic (at)